August 1 2016

Burlington-Based Olympic Gymnast Breaks Down Her Floor Routine

By: Rich Hosford

What’s it take to win the gold? 


For gymnast Alexandria (Aly) Raisman, who trains at the Brestyan’s American Gymnastic Club here in Burlington, it took years of dedication, training and sweat. It also took a very impressive, “near impossible,” floor routine that stunned the judges in London in 2012. During the 2012 Olympics she won two gold medals and a bronze medal. 


Raisman, a Needham native, will be representing the United States next week in the Rio Games and will once again be showcasing her floor routine. 


She recently met with the Wall Street Journal at Brestyan’s to demonstrate the opening move of her floor routine, a series of flips, spins and other displays of athleticism once considered impossible. It’s an interesting video and you can watch it here


Despite all the concerns around the games, including the presence of the Zika virus and reports of environmental hazards, Raisman seems excited about competing at the Olympic level once again. She tweeted a photo of the 2012 team with the caption “Four years ago today. Looking forward to creating more special memories to last a lifetime with this 2016 team.” 


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