November 25 2019

Burlington Buffalo Wild Wings to Donate 100 Percent of One Week’s Proceeds to Late Manager’s Family


The Burlington Buffalo Wild Wings is set to hold a fundraiser for general manager Ryan Baldera who died after attempting to clean up a cleaning chemical mishap earlier this month. 


Baldera, 32, of Lawrence, leaves behind a wife and newborn child.


On Thursday, November 7, an employee at the restaurant applied two cleaning substances, Super 8 and Scale Kleen, to the kitchen floor while attempting to clean it. The substances, which should not have been mixed due to their chemical components, had a reaction a created toxic fumes. Baldera, who was not the one who put the chemical down, attempted to clean it up himself after ushering other employees away before succumbing to the fumes. 


All proceeds from in-restaurant and take-out orders from Monday, December 2 through Sunday, December 8 will go to a fund to support Baldera’s son’s education. There will also be a silent auction with a variety of items, including signed sports memorabilia, to support his family. 


There is also a GoFundMe page that was set up by a pair of Baldera’s friends to benefit his wife and child. As of Monday afternoon over $135,000 had been donated.


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