June 23 2019

Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation Holds Annual Adult Scholarships Award Ceremony

By: Thaddeus Stephanak

The Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation recently held their annual awards ceremony for Adult Scholarships during a brunch at Tony Cs on 3rd Ave.

Executive Board President, Jack Ferren said, “Annually we have an event where we bring in the Adopt-a-Class partners and parental volunteers. We invite board members and their spouses as an annual thank you. Thanking all of our volunteers, all of our corporate sponsors and awarding adult scholarships”.

Ferren explained how this event differed from previous years, “This year we took it to a new level, where we presented scholarships to residents from the town of Burlington who graduated from area high schools. Ferren remarked they wanted to celebrate Burlington high school graduates from other schools, citing Walnut Hill, Belmont Hill, Buckingham, Browne & Nichols and Austin Prep.

Ferren continued, “A lot if these schools do not have award ceremonies. And we also award the Adult Scholarships to adults returning to school or finishing a degree”.   

Ferren talked about how this annual BCSF event has changed from a light dinner occasion to a brunch at Tony C’s Sports Bar, “We like the venue, it was more of a casual atmosphere. It was very engaging. Tony C’s is under the corporate Rebel Restaurants. Rebel is the Adopt-a-Class 2031 corporate partner. Rebel has been hosting athletic and music booster events for the last few years because of local Burlington resident Sean McDonald, one of the area vice-presidents at Rebel. So he put on a breakfast for us”.

Regrettably the BCSF lost one of its original founders this year, Joan Miles leaves a legacy with a foundation that has awarded $10.2 million in scholarships since 1988.

Ferren noted this year the BCSF awarded over $400,000 in scholarship to Burlington residents pursuing higher education and is planning future fundraisers for adults.

“Because more adults are going back to school,” he said.


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