January 3 2019

Burlington Elementary School Vandalized with Possible Anti-Semitic Imagery

By: Rich Hosford



A Burlington elementary school was spray-painted with what authorities are calling crude anti-Semitic imagery on Wednesday evening.


According to Burlington Superintendent of Schools Eric Conti a vandal spray painted some images at Pine Glen on Wednesday night at 9:50 p.m. Conti said in a letter to parents that the symbol on the building looks like an unfinished swastika. He added that using images from the video surveillance cameras, the Burlington Police have identified a person of interest and that the person of interest is not a Burlington student.


Superintendent Conti said he wants to everyone to know that the entire Burlington School Department rejects any form of hate or intolerance.


“The clear message that I want to send to the Burlington Public School community is that any vandalism, especially vandalism that is anti-Semitic in nature, will not be tolerated,” he said. “Burlington schools are places of respect and acceptance and we will respond every time.”


Rabbi Susan Abramson, who was consulted on the images, told BNEWS further investigation is needed to determine the exact identity and meaning of the symbols but that any display of bigotry is unacceptable.


“Any act of anti-Semitism or act of hate of any kind will not to be tolerated in our town and is very hurtful to those targeted,” she said. “My hope is we can all rise above hate and this incident proves we have to go.”


The incident is still under investigation and further details will be published when made available.


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