November 7 2017

Burlington Fire Takes Part in MBTA Bus Training

By: Robert Parris


The Burlington Fire Department has taken safety training a step further with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.


Last week the department took part in a four-day MBTA Bus training session.


The purpose of the training was to get officers familiar with situations involving MBTA busses, Safety and Communications Captain Mark Cedrone said.


“In an emergency, firefighters will learn how to help patients get out of the bus during a crash, as well as putting out a fire inside the bus and helping someone receive medical attention,” he said.


Over 60 firefighters participated in the training course, as well as hand on training and classroom instruction.  Two buses were used in session, a diesel and a hybrid.


Firefighters were also shown the proper procedures to shut both types of busses down.  


“This will help the department get familiar with emergency situations with the MBTA busses and safety features within the bus,” Cedrone said.


Cedrone also talked about the possibility of buses catching on fire.


“There is a rare case a bus might catch on fire, but our department will know how to react in that situation,” he said.

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