January 30 2018

Burlington Firefighter and Veteran Looking to Open Dog Daycare/Training Business

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington dog owners may have a new place to drop their four-legged friends off for the day for some training at a business owned by a man who has worked with some of the most elite canines in the world.


According to paperwork filed with the town’s Planning Department, Navy Veteran Tyler Falconer is looking to expand his business, Falco K9, into Burlington at 279 Cambridge Street. Falconer currently has a location in South Boston that was opened in 2016.


Falconer is not new to Burlington. He was born and raised in town and was a member of the BHS Class of 2010. In November of 2014 he was made an intermittent member of the Burlington Fire Department. In July of 2015 he was made a full-time member when a


Falconer served in the United States Navy as a Military Working Dog Handler. Working with animals has been a lifelong passion. On his website he says he spent his whole life around dogs and so was happy for the opportunity to work with them in the military.


“In my time in the Navy as a K9 handler I specialized in explosive detection and patrol (aggression) work,” he wrote. “I had the great opportunity of working hand in hand with police departments across the country and training their dogs along the way. In that time I had learned the true capabilities of dogs even to the point of trusting my own military working dog with my life.”


After completing his service he continued to work with dogs and their owners.


“Upon separating from the military I have spent my time training people on getting the fullest potential out of their dogs,” he said. “Whether you want your dog to be obedient, protect your home, find someone in need, or many other amazing things dogs are capable of I want to be the one to help you every step of the way.”


According to the application filed with the town, the Burlington Falco K9 will operate as a day care during the day and a training facility during nights and weekends.


“Instead of homeowners leaving their dogs in a crate all day while they are at work, their dogs can remain under proper care and supervision and learn proper socialization to minimize dog aggression in Burlington,” the application says. “Any and all kinds of dog training will occur to better fit the needs of each pet owner including service dog training. There will also be Dog CPR and First Aid training classes held at this facility.”


The application is scheduled to be before the Planning Board on Thursday, March 1.


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