April 17 2018

Burlington Historical Society to Host Founder of 'Burlington Retro' Website


Take a trip into Burlington’s recent history with a guest speaker who has launched a website where he collects and displays photos from the last several decades.  

On Thursday, May 3rd, Burlington Historical Society will present a talk by Robert Fahey, creator of the website BurlingtonRetro.com at the Grandview Farm with this modern take on local history.

“Computer-savvy people in town are familiar with Robert Fahey’s colorful and heart-warming webpage,” a notice from the Historical Society states. “Nostalgia reigns as sights of our past spark a memory. We are very fortunate to have someone so dedicated to preserving recent history … history from the 70’s, 60’s, 40’s, 70 and even earlier years, address our group.”

The Historical Society is also asking attendees to bring their own photos to contribute to the site.

“Please come to Grandview Farm on May 3 to reminisce, and bring any pictures of ‘old Burlington,’” the notice says. “Your valuable pictures will be photographed and become part of Burlington's public record. Your photo given right back to you. So look in your albums and attics and see what you find.”

During the meeting there will also be a second special guest.

“An added pleasure, charismatic Joyce Deliayannis, from HELPIS will say hello,” the announcement states. “Joyce spoke at the Burlington Historical Society in 2015. Since then she has been instrumental in making May The Month of Kindness!”

Doors open at 6:30 and the program begins at 7 p.m.  Refreshments, a short business meeting and a fundraising raffle close out the evening.  All are welcome.

“We are handicap accessible and look forward to seeing you,” the notice concludes.

Fahey was also a guest on a BNEWS Special with host Phil Gallagher. You can see that show here.


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