November 27 2019

Burlington Interfaith Clergy Council Celebrates Unity at Thanksgiving Service

By: Rich Hosford


It was a night to come together and share in the simple but powerful camaraderie of being human, no matter what faith or creed participants believe. 


Burlington’s Interfaith Clergy Council held the annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on Monday, November 25. This year it was hosted at Temple Shalom Emeth and Rabbi Susan Abramson. The night featured prayer, speeches and musical performances by the temple band. 


Rabbi Abramson said the event is meant to bring people of all backgrounds together. 


“It’s for people to gather together to show our gratitude for the diversity of our community and to show our support for one another,” she said. “It’s a chance to celebrate our many blessings.” 


One of those blessings is the strength of the Interfaith Clergy Council which pulls together whenever anyone in the religious community is in need. 


“We have a very strong interfaith clergy group that provides leadership for our communities to support each other and our values and our goals and to stand together in good times and bad and show that we’re united as a community,” Rabbi Abramson said. 


The evening was a success. 


“I thought it was a great evening,” Rabbi Abramson said. “When people came together in harmony and unison and everybody was uplifted by the spirit of friendship that we share.”


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