November 17 2014

Burlington Police Charge Second Man in October Home Invasion, Beating

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Police Department announced today it has arrested a second man in connection with an October home invasion on Church Lane. 


According to the release, Burlington Police arrested Thomas J. Mahan, 20, of Haverhill at his home with assistance of the Haverhill Police Department. 


"Police Chief Michael R. Kent is pleased to report that a second suspect has been charged in connection with an October home invasion," the release from the department states. 


Mahan is being charged with Home Invasion (four counts), Assault With Intent to Commit an Armed Robbery (four counts) and Conspiracy. 

Mahan was expected to be arraigned this afternoon in Woburn District Court. The case remains under investigation by Burlington Police.


Below is the original story of the home invasion and the arrest of the first suspect, Connor John Tufts, 20, of Haverhill. Story was posted on 10/3/14. 


A man is in custody following an alleged home invasion that left one victim in the hospital after he was assaulted with baseball bats. 


Burlington Police Chief Michael Kent announced on Friday that at 12:18 that morning police responded to a report of a fight at a Church Lane residence. When police arrived they noticed two men in their 20s holding down a third man. The two men were identified as residents of the home and the man they were holding down was identified as Connor John Tufts, age 20, of Haverhill. 

According to police, the residents said that one of them was playing video games with a friend when three or four men, one of them Tufts, broke into the home and began beating the friend with baseball bats. That person is reported to be in the hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries. 

Also, during the struggle, Tufts allegedly pushed the 62-year-old homeowner down a flight of stairs. After that the homeowners’ two sons jumped on top of Tufts and held him down until police arrived. The homeowner sustained a knee injury but declined medical attention at the scene. 

Tufts was treated and released from a nearby hospital with minor injuries. He was charged with four counts of Home Invasion, three counts of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and one count of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon of a Person Over 60. 

Kent said police do no believe this was a random act and that the friend of the resident was the target of the attack. The police report said the attack was likely part of an attempted robbery on the friend. 


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