November 7 2019

Burlington Police Department to Undergo Voluntary Assessment


The Burlington Police Department is set to undergo a voluntary assessment by a state agency.  

Chief Michael Kent said he is pleased to announce that a team of assessors from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday January 14, 2020 to begin examining various aspects of the Burlington Police Department’s policies and procedures, operations and facilities.

Verification by the assessment team that the department meets the commission’s standards is part of a voluntary process to maintain state Accreditation - a self-initiated evaluation process by which police departments strive to meet and maintain standards that have been established for the profession, by the profession, a release explains. 

The Massachusetts Police Accreditation Program consists of 257 mandatory standards as well as 125 optional standards. In order to achieve accreditation status, the Department must meet all applicable mandatory standards as well as 60% of the optional standards.

Achieving Accreditation is a highly prized recognition of law enforcement professional excellence. Anyone interested in learning more about this program is invited to call Chief Michael Kent, or the Department’s Accreditation Manager, Deputy Chief Thomas Browne at 781-272-1212.


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