October 16 2018

Burlington Police Issue Scam Alert After Resident Was Sent Fraudulent 'Winning' Letter

By: Rich Hosford


The Burlington Police Department is warning the public after a resident brought a scam letter to their attention.


The letter above, purportedly from Publishers Clearing House, was received by a resident in the mail. The letter claims the receiver won a million dollar prize and in order to collect must get in contact with a “winning claims agent” in order to set up a transfer of the funds. In order for this to take place, the letter states, the resident must purchase insurance, something the claims agent can help with.


Tellingly, the letter states that in order for the transfer to be protected the receiver must not tell anyone about their winning prize.


“To avoid delays you must keep this award confidential until you claim is processed and money is remitted into your account,” the letter states. “This is to protect the security of this highly sensitive financial transaction and to eliminate the potential for duplicate or fraudulent claims.”


Fortunately in this case the resident who received the letter did not fall for it and did not keep in confidential. Instead they brought it to the Burlington Police who tweeted out the letter after verifying it was a scam.


“Scam alert,” police tweeted. “This letter was received by a resident and brought to our attention. It is confirmed as a scam with the company. You should not have to send money to claim a prize. No money was sent in this case.”


If you are unsure of a letter, email or call telling you that you won a prize or owe money to some government agency there is a good chance it is a scam. You can always contact the Burlington Police Department at (781) 272-1212 for assistance.


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