November 27 2018

Burlington Police to Crack Down on Handicap Parking Violators

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington is once again cracking down on handicap parking violators.

During Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting the board voted to approve the use of $10,000 from the Disability Access Commission’s Handicapped Parking Fine Fund to pay for extra police details at high-traffic shopping destinations over the holiday shopping season.


This effort has been launched the last few years and has netted hundreds of fines from people illegally using handicap parking spots. Police have also found and fined people misusing Disabled Parking Placards not assigned to them to beat the system.

Police Chief Michael Kent said in the outset of the program the operation was meant to keep the spaces free for those who need them.

“Disabled Parking spaces exist to provide those with limited mobility a fair and equitable opportunity to shop, dine, and enjoy all that Burlington has to offer,” he said. “It is not meant to provide a close parking spot to someone who doesn’t feel like walking a few extra yards.”

Town Administrator John Petrin said the funds raised by tickets and fines are used for disability access projects. For instance, during this week’s meeting the board also approved the use of up to $6,000 from the fund for two new accessible entrances at the Recreation Department’s side of the Human Services Building.


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