November 24 2014

Burlington Police To Take Risk Management Training


The Burlington Police Department will engage in risk management training at Lahey Hospital on Tuesday alongside members of the Woburn Police Department. 


Burlington Police Chief Michael R. Kent and Woburn Police Chief Robert J. Ferullo Jr., are pleased to report that their departments have teamed up this week to bring a nationally-renowned expert to Massachusetts for a day of training on risk management, ethics, crisis management, and other vital law enforcement issues, a release from the departments states. 


The release continues: 


Chiefs Kent and Ferrllo wanted to bring in a top trainer and expert to talk about some of the issues facing law enforcement in this day and age. The cost of the training was split evenly between the two departments and the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center donated its auditorium for the day, to fit all of the officers who will be in attendance. The chiefs express their continued gratitude to Lahey, which has always been generous in the lending of its spaces and facilities for police training.


"As police officers, we can't wait until after something goes wrong to take action," Chief Kent said. "We need to be proactive, and we need to plan ahead for how to deal with crises before they happen."


Chief Ferullo added: "If we are only focused on damage control after a major event or a crisis, we are doing a disservice to our community. Programs like this allow police departments to prevent mistakes and problems through the proper planning and risk management."


Specific topics of the full-day training session will include:


• What is “Real” Risk Management?


The phrase "risk management” gets thrown around quite a bit, but what is "real" risk management?  It is more than the safety stuff.  It is more than the insurance stuff.  And it is more than the ergonomics stuff.  Everything you do in your organization involves a level of risk.  In this brief program, Gordon will explain how to recognize the real risks you face and give you some thoughts on how to prioritize these risks. Finally, he will show you how to mobilize (act) to do something about the real risks you face in your organization.  This class is one hour in length.


• 5 Concurrent Themes for Success


Your job is getting more and more complex. In fact, the more complex it gets, the more you need a systematic approach to getting things done right. This block, "The Five Concurrent Themes for Success," is essential for everyone in the workplace, regardless of position, job description or type of organization. In this program, Mr. Graham shows you how the discipline of Risk Management, coupled with an understanding of systems and complemented with Customer Service, Accountability and Integrity, can all work together to better assure that things get done right. It is chuck full of information,and coupled with Gordon's insight and humor is a must see for all of your personnel. This program also makes a dynamic keynote address for any and all conventions and other important gatherings. This class runs two hours.


• Why Things Go Right - Why Things Go Wrong


Most of what the good people in your organization do, they are doing right.  When things don’t go right there is the potential for nasty consequences. In this brief program, Gordon will show you what the potential consequences are–and what are the causational factors most often responsible for these consequences.  He will then give you some proven strategies and tactics to address these problems–including a full understanding of the risk/frequency matrix and where it is essential to focus your initial and ongoing training efforts.  This class runs two hours.


• Ethical Decision Making


An overview on the decision making process. Many people have never been taught how to make a decision and what needs to be considered in the decision making process. In this presentation a ten-step process, "GRIDM (Graham’s Rules for Improving Decision Making)," is covered to demonstrate a technique to make better, ethical decisions.  This class is two hours in length. 


Gordon Graham is a 33 year veteran of California Law Enforcement. His education as a Risk Manager and experience as a practicing Attorney, coupled with his extensive background in law enforcement, have allowed him to rapidly become recognized as a leading professional speaker in both private and public sector organizations with multiple areas of expertise. For more information, visit


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