March 31 2019

Burlington Public Safety Leaders Encouraging Residents to Sign Up for New Emergency Alert System


Burlington has adopted a new alert system to keep residents informed about emergencies and other time sensitive information.


Police Chief Michael Kent and Fire Chief Steven Yetman said in a release they are encouraging residents and business owners to sign up for the town's new emergency notification alert program.


Burlington's new CodeRED emergency notification system will go into effect on April 1, the release states. It allows police, fire and town officials to issue important, time sensitive emergency notifications to residents and frequent visitors in situations such as evacuations, fires, floods, crime, chemical spills, severe weather storms and gas leaks.


The notification system will also be used to notify residents of important non-emergency information including road closures, trash collection schedule changes, and snow plow schedules.


“This system allows us to quickly and efficiently reach residents by their preferred communication method in an emergency, which has the potential to save lives,” Police Chief Kent said. "I encourage residents to take advantage of this asset to the safety of Burlington, and sign up immediately to get the latest alerts and updates."


Registration for CodeRED is customizable to each resident, allowing people to choose which alerts they'd like to receive as well as their preferred medium of contact, the release states. CodeRED alerts can be issued in a variety of formats, including voice messages, text messages and emails.


In addition to town-wide notifications, alerts can also be sent to specific streets and neighborhoods to ensure that residents in affected areas receive relevant information.


To sign up for CodeRED alerts, click here.


Residents and visitors can keep track of alerts in Burlington with the CodeRED mobile app, which notifies smartphone holders of real-time alerts in the area, the release states. Users can also customize what notifications they receive through the CodeRED app.


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