August 12 2020

Burlington Public School District Art Show 2020

By: by Tad Stephanak

The Burlington Public Schools is currently running their first ever district wide art exhibition. The Burlington Art & Design program had originally intended to hold the art show at the Burlington Public Library. Burlington Public Schools Visual Art Program Coordinator George Ratkevich talked about the original plan.

“In February or March I had met with town library director Michael Wick about a district-wide show using the library as a venue and all the art teachers were on board for arranging a small selection of work to represent each school”. 

For obvious reasons the exhibition has been moved to an online showing.

Student art shows are typical school-based and run at different times throughout the year. The annual Art Exhibition and Fashion Show at the high school happens in March. That show was up and ready to go but was cancelled just prior to the full closing of schools. The middle school displays in the art rooms during the school's Open House. The elementary schools each have an art show in spring. The High School also has a Portfolio Show in the spring featuring the works of more advanced students. Ratkevich explained how the original town-wide concept came together.

“At the beginning of last school year, the district's art teachers committed to investigating the possibility of a district-wide art show to share their students' work with the greater Burlington community”.

After the pandemic hit and the schools were closed, district art teachers gathered what images they could during their last few very busy weeks.

The Burlington Public Schools District Art Show 2020 has persevered and a range of works by talented Burlington students can be viewed online. The Exhibition features 2D and 3D design, ceramics, photography, drawing, painting & fashion. The website also has opportunities for remote learning and enrichment, art teacher blogs and more.

So be sure to pay a visit to the BPS District Art Show 2020 online, take in all the benefits of viewing art and enjoy your visit.



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