January 30 2020

Burlington Receives $75,000 Grant for Ride Share Pilot Program Replacing B-Line

By: Tad Stephanak

Council On Aging Director Marge McDonald was before the recent Town Meeting to provide an update on the new transportation system being put into place.

Last year Town Meeting voted to not renew the B Line as of June 30, 2020 and go with a ride service pilot program proposed by McDonald and DPW Director John Sanchez. 

McDonald announced to the assembly Burlington has received a grant for $75,000 from MassDOT for the pilot program.  

The program will use the ride service Lyft and GoGo Grandparent. GoGo Grandparent is a concierge service that can be called for Lyft service by those not adept at using smartphone apps or people without a smartphone.  

The program is for Burlington residents 60 years and older, people with a medically proven disability or those at a certain amount below the poverty level. Participants will pay the first dollar and the town will cover the next $10 of the ride. Participants will cover any cost beyond $10. McDonald explained the service will be for rides that begin or end in Burlington.

“So if someone has to go to Boston for a doctor appointment that’s not a problem,” McDonald said.

There will be training made available for the use of the apps, for those not comfortable using smartphone applications. McDonald explained that they’re communicating with Brookline who began their ride service program in September. 

“It does seem the way the Councils On Aging and a lot of municipalities are going with their transportation,” McDonald stated. 

Current users of the B Line were sent a letter outlining the program and when it will start. Applications will be processed by McDonald and sent to Lyft and GoGo Technologies. The pilot program is set to begin Monday, February 17.


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