November 6 2018

Burlington's State Election 2018 Results

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington State Election results are in and in many races Burlington voters went with the rest of the state.


In the race for governor Burlington voters supported incumbent Republican Gov. Charlie Baker with 8,202 votes to Democratic challenger Jay Gonzalez’s 2,796. As a whole the state voted to reelect Baker.


In the vote for Massachusetts Senator, Burlington gave 5,978 votes to Democratic incumbent Elizabeth Warren and 4,835 to her Republican challenger Geoff Diehl. The state as a whole voted to reelected Warren to the U.S. Senate. Independent candidate Shiva Ayyadurai garnered 429 votes in town.


In the Attorney General race Burlington voters voted to reelect Maura Healey over challenger James McMahon III with 8,202 votes to 2,796. The state also went with Healey.


Burlington voters also went for the incumbent in the Secretary of State race, giving William Galvin 7,482 votes compared to only 3,180 votes for Republican challenger Anthony Amore and a mere 238 votes to Green-Rainbow candidate Juan Sanchez. At the state level voters also voted to reelect Galvin.


In the State Treasurer race Burlington voters went for incumbent Deborah Goldberg with 6,818 votes. Republican challenger Keiko Orrall garnered 3,594 votes and Green-Rainbow challenger Jamie Guerin received 279.


In more local elections Burlington had incumbents without challengers to vote for. State Sen. Cindy Friedman received 7,852 votes, State Rep. Ken Gordon received 7,999 votes and District Attorney Marian Ryan garnered 7,881 votes. In the Clerks of Courts race unchallenged incumbent Michael Sullivan received 7,908 votes and incumbent Register of Deeds Maria Curtatone, also unchallenged, received 7,802.


As for the ballot questions Burlington voters went with the rest of the state in voting against Ballot Question 1, which would set a limit how many patients could be assigned to each registered nurse, with 7,443 votes against and 3,230 in favor.


On Question 2, which asked voters to create a commission to consider amendments to the U.S. Constitution regarding corporation contributions in election, Burlington voted in favor 6,786 to 4,228.


On Question 3, which would add gender ID to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in public accommodations, Burlington voters decided in favor with 7,065 “yes” votes to 4,228 “no” votes.


In total 11,443, or 69.6 percent, Burlington voters exercised their right to vote. This marked an upturn over the last midterm election in 2014 which saw a 60.5 percent turnout.


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