November 15 2020

Burlington School Report Three New COVID-19 Cases Since Friday


Burlington Public Schools have announced three new cases of COVID-19 in school buildings since Friday afternoon. 


Two of the cases were at Marshall Simonds Middle School and one was in Fox Hill Elementary School.


According to letters from Superintendent Eric Conti and Health Director Susan Lumenello in the cases at the middle school one was in a seventh grade class and the other in an eight grade class. In the seventh grade case they are moving the classroom with the positive case to remote learning for two weeks out of “an abundance of caution.” In the eight grade case they are moving both Grade 8 Red (Cohorts A and B) to remote learning. At Fox Hill they will also move the classroom to full remote for two weeks. 


Conti and Lumenello explained the quarantine measures. 


“Students or staff members in that classroom may or may not be required to quarantine,” they wrote. ‘The Burlington Board of Health immediately began a case investigation to determine close contacts of the case. A close contact is defined as anyone within 6’ of the affected individual for greater than 10 minutes.  Any student or staff member determined to be a close contact, both through activities inside or outside of school, will be contacted by the Board of Health and will be required to quarantine. Testing will be recommended for all close contacts, however, any close contacts testing negative for Covid-19 must still complete quarantine requirements as issued by the Board of Health.”


If you have not been contacted by the Board of Health, your child is not considered a close contact.


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