October 12 2020

Burlington Schools Launch Survey on First Few Weeks of Reopening


The Burlington Public Schools Department is seeking feedback from parents and guardians about the first few weeks of the schools being reopened. 


School leaders posted on Friday that on that day they completed the first 26 days of the school year with students in both physical and remote classrooms and that they appreciate the effort everyone has made to make the new academic year work. 


“We are grateful for the hard work of all staff that has allowed this to happen successfully,” they wrote. 


However, they also acknowledged that it has been a challenge.  


“But as we extend this gratitude, we want to acknowledge that schedules and routines have changed dramatically and that you are all working harder than ever,” they wrote. “With this in mind, we think it is important to realize that the adrenaline that we all felt in our opening days and weeks has subsided and that we need to ensure that we are finding sustainable routines.”


To that end they have launched a new online survey that asks parents/guardians about their thoughts on the school reopening. The survey asks them to judge multiple components of the reopening such as how good or bad they believe communication has been and how things like remote technology have been working. They also ask if parents would prefer a different model in the future.  


“In order to help us consider necessary revisions to our practices, we would like to get some feedback from families on how their experiences have been so far. We appreciate your time in answering our survey here,” they wrote.


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