May 18 2020

Burlington Schools: Remote Learning, Next School Year and Self Care


Burlington Public Schools posted a blog over the weekend updated the community about the ongoing remote learning, spoke about the uncertainty of the fall, and to remind all students and their families to continue to engage in self-care practices. 


“We just completed our first week of Phase 3 of our remote learning plan and our ninth week away from our physical school buildings and classrooms,” the post reads. “The major adjustment for this past week was adding work connected to the prerequisite standards outlined by the state.”


The difficulty, school leaders say, is that this phase of remote learning deals with subjects that teachers had yet to reach before the schools were closed. 


“It is important to note that a good deal of these assignments are connected to standards that we have not yet covered and that these are standards that the state feels are significant for student success as they transition to the next grade,” they wrote. “With this in mind, we would like to reiterate the importance of students participating in remote learning during our final weeks.”


To ensure students are participating, the state has asked school districts to track student participation during Phase 3 of remote learning. 


Department leaders also said they are looking ahead to the next school year. 


“As we complete the 2019-2020 school year, many of the conversations amongst school leaders across the state are beginning to focus on school opening in the fall,” they wrote. “There are still many more questions than answers. We believe that the Governor’s Press Conference on Monday will begin to provide some guidance on re-opening Massachusetts and what some of the mandatory safety standards will be for the workplace.”  


In addition, the Commissioner of Education has a working group which will outline more detailed parameters for opening school buildings by mid-June,” the blog states. 


“We will keep everyone informed as plans develop,” they wrote. 


Finally, they said that while continued participation in remote learning is important, self-care and de-stressing is crucial. 


“We know many of our staff members have shared mindfulness strategies with their teachers for  quite some time,” the blog says. “We hope that they are continuing to practice these skills and that parents are also taking care of themselves. It is not unusual to have self-care practices fall by the wayside as stress builds over things that are beyond our control.”


They also recommend reading this article from Mashable that touches upon this and shares seven ways to get back on track if things start to slide.


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