September 7 2020

Burlington Schools Say Themes of New Year will be Flexibility and Forgiveness


Burlington Public School Administration is continuing their efforts to finalize the plans for the school reopening. 


In a recent blog post they spoke about the two themes for the upcoming year: Flexibility and forgiveness. They stress that every effort is being made to make the upcoming school year work as much as possible but that plans may change and do so quickly. 


Here is what they had to say on the subject: 


“We opened the year stressing two themes for our faculty and staff - flexibility and forgiveness. Protocols are changing every few days.  Sometimes entire plans need to be scrapped and we need to start over. We are all learning new skills and new ways to educate children while keeping everyone safe.  In addition, we are allowing options for families - remote or in-person. This means we are essentially creating two new school systems simultaneously.”   


“All of this change requires flexibility. All of our routines have been disrupted.  Work skills and strategies that have been honed over years and executed with confidence are no longer viable.  Many of us feel like first year employees again."

"All of this change requires forgiveness. Why forgiveness? We pride ourselves on smooth starts to school years.  Quickly establishing routines allows students to get right to learning. The expectations of Burlingtons’ faculty and staff are high as are your expectations as parents.  We all take pride in our constant efforts to meet these expectations. We are asking that forgiveness allow our faculty and staff to focus on safe routines and establishing a shared community commitment to safe mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing. We are asking that you forgive our initial focus on routines and relationships as we have not run schools this way before.”


“Please know that we are not making excuses. We are simply stating that our high expectations will be focused on different things than usual this fall.”


“We appreciate your Flexibility and Forgiveness.”


You can read the full blog post here that also includes an update on HVAC system testing and busing.


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