August 25 2020

Burlington Sculpture Park “Name the Big Brown Dog” Contest

By: Tad Stephanak


If you’ve been on the Burlington Common lately, or driven by Bedford and Center Street you’ve probably noticed Burlington’s newest eight-foot resident. 


Burlington’s big, brown dog is what its sculptor Dale Rogers calls the “American Dog” breed. Rogers’ “American Dog” sculptures are on display throughout New England, the most recognized “American Dog” is the 16-foot tall version on Route 495 South at exit 48. According to Dale’s website the “American Dog” has proven to be his strongest and most iconic sculpture to date. The works strike such a strong emotional appeal that many people tell Rogers it looks exactly like their particular breed of dog. 


“It’s part of wanting to do something that people connected with,” Rogers told BNEWS.


Burlington’s canine companion is part of the new Burlington Sculpture Park located on Center Street in the area between the Grand View Farm and Police Station. The “American Dog” is located across from the Sculpture Park on the corner of the Town Common, and if you like the big dog sculpture you may get to name it.


The Burlington Sculpture Park Committee is holding a Name the Big Dog contest. Just Click This Link, fill out the form before September 20th and you will be entered to win. The winning family will get T-shirts and a professional photo session with the Big Dog.


Planning Board Chair and Sculpture Park Committee member Barbara L'Heureux came up with the idea for the Name the Big Dog contest.

"We are excited that the artist Dale Rodgers is allowing us to re-name his work, making Burlington's adoption of the big dog complete," L'Heureux said. "We are especially looking forward to students' entries once school starts!" 

Jon Sachs, Chair of the Sculpture Park Committee expressed his enthusiasm for the contest.


“It’s a terrific idea by Barbara, it is raising lots of interest, and so far we have over 100 people sending in names,” he said. “There will be more and more creative ways that the community can get involved with the park; this is just one of the first.” 


School children played a major role in helping to choose the sculptures for the Sculpture Park, so the Sculpture Park Committee is excited to see the names they will come up with.

The Burlington Sculpture Park currently has five of the six works selected. The final sculpture is due at the end of September and is coming in from the Ukraine.  

So get out to the Burlington Sculpture Park, check it out and cast your vote to Name the Big Brown Dog. 


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