May 28 2020

Burlington Town Employees Returning to Work on Monday

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington town employees will be returning to work next week, though with things changed and new procedures in place intended to keep them healthy. 


Town Administrator Paul Sagarino said that over the last month he was joined by a “dedicated team” made up by DPW Director John Sanchez, Health Director Susan Lumenello, Human Resources Director Joanne Faust, Town Accountant and Assistant Town Administrator John Danizio to figure out the best way to safely allow people to return to work. 


“They worked tirelessly over the last month to figure out how we were going to accommodate all of our employees coming back to work safely,” he said. “They worked their tails off.” 


He said the full staff will be next Monday and that steps have been taken to try and prevent any possible spread of the Coronavirus. Each employee was provided with wipes, all departments received sanitizer and department heads have extra masks for employees. Additionally, every employee workspace has been socially distanced and many have been moved around to ensure they are at least six feet apart. This includes locating people in the Main Hearing Room on the second floor and at Grandview Farm. 


“We’ve taken a lot of steps in conformance with CDC guidelines,” he said. 


Though town employees will be back at work the buildings will remain closed to the public for the time being. 


“At this point we’re not ready to open to the public so we’ll still still be serving residents by phone, by email and by appointment,” he said. “Each department has developed their own system on how to handle that.” 


In anticipation of opening up to the public sometime in the near future they have installed glass shields at counters where the most interaction between residents and employees takes place. 


“We’ve taken all the steps that we can and we feel we have a good plan to bring everybody back and have them be safe,” Sagarino said.


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