October 8 2014

Burlington Transit Fares Incease

By: Rich Hosford

Riders of the Burlington Public Transit are about to see an increase in the fare price. 


Department of Public Works Director John Sanchez informed the Burlington Board of Selectmen that the town was in violation of a federal regulation that sets pricing models. 


Specifically, Sanchez said that the door-to-door service offered to handicapped passengers cannot be more than twice the amount of the regular fare. Up until now the regular fare had been $2 and the door-to-door service is $5. 


The service, called The Ride, brings handicapped passengers from the bus to their homes. The service is provided by the MBTA. 


The board voted unanimously to increase the regular fare to $2.50 to get the town in compliance with the federal regulation. 


Sanchez said he did not want to see the fare increase put an extra burden on low-income passengers. He said the town could offer a discount for passengers buying more than one fare at a time. He said they could sell five passes for $10, thus keeping the regular fare at $2. 


“I checked with the MBTA and they said we could probably do that,” Sanchez said. 


The board also voted to decrease the transit cost for students, seniors and Medicare recipients from 50 cents to 25 cents due to a similar regulation. 

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