August 9 2017

Burlington Woman Says Dog was Bitten by Coyote in Lexington Woods

By: Rich Hosford

A Burlington woman reports that her dog was attacked by a coyote while on a walk at a popular local destination.

Rebecca Mersiowsky told Boston 25 News the incident occurred while she out for a walk with her dog Bogey in Willards Woods near the Lexington/Burlington line she heard. She said Bogey wandered away from her when she heard him make a loud shriek. The dog soon returned followed by two coyotes that were about the same size as the German Short-Haired Pointer.

The coyotes soon left, perhaps because they spotted Mersiowsky or because Bogey was too big for prey.

Mersiowsky said Bogey had two puncture wounds on one of his legs. He was treated at a local veterinarian and given a rabies booster.

The incident, along with other coyote sightings recently, prompted Lexington officials to issue a warning to residents to keep dogs on leashes in wooded areas.

Earlier this summer Burlington Animal Control Officer Gerry Mills told BNEWS it is very rare for coyotes to attack pets when they are with their owners. He also suggested that people out for walks with their dogs keep them on leashes. He added that cat owners should try and keep their pets inside or in fenced-in areas whenever possible.


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