January 29 2020

Capital Project Transfer of Funds Article Approved for School Department

By: Tad Stephanak

The January Town Meeting approved a transfer of funds request from the School Department.

Bob Cunha, Director of Operations for Burlington Public Schools, spoke on Article 6 that asked to repurpose a couple of capital warrant articles. 

Cunha requested the transfer of funds from an under spent article for cafeteria tables. Approximately $12,400 was saved on the tables and the School Department sought to take $11,576 of that to help fund a sewer pump for Pine Glen Elementary School. The estimate for the pump was originally $14,000. The quote came back at about $4,000 over that amount, including labor.

Cunha also explained to the assembly that once the pump system was taken apart they discovered an opportunity to install a multi stage controller and alarm system. These additions would make the pump more efficient and a better benefit long term. 

Precinct 1 Town Meeting member Adam Senesi, also a member of the Capital Budget Committee, mentioned that the verbiage of the article was unclear until he watched the Town Meeting Information Session that Town Clerk Amy Warfield put out via BCAT.  Senesi noted how helpful and informative the Town Meeting Information Sessions were to him and expressed his desire in the future for such articles to go before the Capital Budget Committee before going to Town Meeting. 

Article 6 passed unanimously.


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