January 15 2019

Challengers Pull Papers for Key Seats Up in Burlington Town Election

By: Rich Hosford

The Burlington Town Election is starting to heat up.

Candidates have been turning in papers and a couple of the races in town are now competitive though a majority of the open seats still only have one candidate.


Three candidates have pulled papers for the two seats up for election in the Board of Selectmen race. Incumbents Chris Hartling, currently the board chair, and Robert Hogan have thrown in for reelection. Nick Priest, who first ran last year, has also taken papers to run for one of the two seats.


The School Committee race is also shaping up to be competitive. Incumbents Christine Monaco and Thomas Murphy has pulled papers as has challenger Sonia Haleem.


There is also a challenger to Richard Howard for the Housing Authority seat he has held since 2009. Challenger Rahul Aggarwal has taken out papers to challenge the seat.


There is also a three-way race for two Constable seats. Incumbents William Pepicelli and Anthony Saia have taken out papers as has challenger Dennis Otis.


Thus far only incumbents have pulled papers for Moderator, Assessor, Treasurer/Collector, Board of Health and Planning Board. In Library Trustees only former member Phil Gallagher has pulled papers for one of the two seats.


Here is the list of open seats:


Town wide seats:

Moderator (1 yr) (1 seat)

Selectmen (3 yr) (2 seats)

Assessor (3 yr) (1 seat)

Treasurer/Collector (3 yr) (1 seat)

School Committee (3 yr) (2 seats)

Library Trustees (3 yr) (2 seats)

Library Trustees (1 yr) (1 seat)

Planning Board (5 yr) (1 seat)

Board of Health (3 yr) (2 seats)

Constable (3 yr) (2 seats)

Housing Authority (5 yr) (1 seat)

Recreation Commission (3 yr) (1 seat)

Town Meeting seats:

Precinct 1 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 2 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 2 TMM (1 yr) (2 seat)

Precinct 3 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 4 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 4 TMM (2 yr) (1 seat)

Precinct 5 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 6 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)

Precinct 7 TMM (3 yr) (6 seats)


Any Registered Voter living in Burlington who would like to participate in Local Government can take out papers to fill these seats. To be placed on the ballot you will need to get signatures from Burlington registered voters by the deadline which is February 15. The Town election is April 6 at the Burlington High School Gym, 123 Cambridge Street.


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