March 12 2019

Cookie Monstah Bakery Special Permit Approved by Planning Board

By: Thaddeus Stephanak

The Cookie Monstah is coming to Burlington.

A special permit for Cookie Monstah, a fast order establishment for cookies and ice cream sandwiches, was approved by the Planning Board during its March 7 meeting.

Originally started as food truck business by the husband and wife team of Melissa “Missy” Gale and Scott Linderman, Cookie Monstah is set to occupy a portion of the old Scott Trade location, next to FedEx at 110 Mall Road. The new store will have 14 interior seats and 4 exterior seats.

Gale spent eight years in management at the Starbucks located at 110 Mall Road before leaving and starting a Cookie Monstah food truck with her husband about eight years ago. After adding more trucks they built a retail bakery in Danvers, which is also serves the commissary for supplying the trucks. Gale stated that “they will mix (the batter) for consistency in Danvers” and bring it and bake it in Burlington.

“We still want the quality control, the integrity of the product,” she said.

Gale went on to inform the board that her cookies are made from her mother’s own fresh-from-scratch recipes. The applicant also let the board know that the decision to open a store in Burlington was not only due to her, “near and dear” familiarity with the community but because their catering has drawn so much business from the area.

Planning Director Kristin Kassner stated that there are “lots of lunchtime business” at the 110 Mall Road location and they were told by the property owner, “they chose Cookie Monstah specifically because it isn’t a peak lunchtime business.”  Kassner went on to say that evenings and weekends are Cookie Monstah’s peak time and she doesn’t feel the new business will create any added stress to the parking during busy hours.

The Planning Board unanimously approved the Cookie Monstah application.

According to a post on its Facebook page, the business plans to open sometime in the spring.


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