September 26 2014

Discard Expired Medications Safely

By: Rich Hosford

Is your medicine cabinet filled with expired medications or prescriptions you are no longer taking? 


Besides being a source of clutter, outdated and unused medications can also be a danger. The Burlington Police Department has a safe and secure drop-off bin that can be accessed around the clock for anyone looking to get rid of their old medicines. 


The bin is provided in partnership with the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and is located in the main lobby of the police station. 


Burlington Police Chief Michael Kent said it is important to ensure you don’t have unneeded medication around the home. 


“There are various reasons,” he said. “If you have children in the house they might get into them and harm themselves. Also we’re finding that a lot of times burglars are addicts looking for specific medications. If you have anything you’re not using the proper way to dispose of it is to drop it in the secure box and we’ll take it to a facility that will properly dispose of them.” 


Kent said not to just flush old medications down the toilet or the drain because they can cause environmental damage. 

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