January 23 2019

Donated Candy Reaches Burlington Soldier Serving Overseas

By: Rich Hosford


A Burlington soldier received some sweets to share with his platoon.


Burlington’s Veterans Affairs posted on its Facebook page a photo of four soldiers holding boxes of candy and cards that were donated by Burlington children who, last fall, reached into their trick-or-treat bags and donated some of their precious candy for those serving our nation.


From the amazing donations from children in town of Halloween candy & cards, we were able to mail six care packages to one of our own, PFC Dakota Irvine, a BHS Graduate who is currently serving overseas,” the Facebook post read.

In response, PFC Irvine took a picture of himself and members of his platoon holding up their new bounty of treats.

“We received this awesome picture of him and some of the young men in his platoon,” Veterans Affairs said in the post. “What an amazing way to show appreciation for everything these brave men and women do day in and day out. We are thankful for those serving our country and for the love and support of our community.”

Photo: PFC Dakota Irvine (second from left) with three members of his platoon posing with candy donated by Burlington children and their families.


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