March 18 2019

DPW Releases Statement on Road Conditions and Asks for Residents to Report Potholes


Burlington’s Department of Public Works (DPW) is asking for the public’s patience as it works to attend to deteriorating street conditions while at the same time asking residents to report potholes.


“The DPW is aware that certain well-traveled roads are in poor condition and we have and will continue to patch them as warranted,” the department said in a statement posted to its Facebook page. “Some of these roads are slated to be paved during the upcoming paving season.”


Part of the problem, the DPW says, is that road fixes done during the winter months are not as effective as when conditions are warmer.


“Unfortunately, during the cold weather and recent snow storms these patches (hot mix and/or cold patch) do not hold due to the amount of travel on the road as well as weather conditions and snow plows,” the statement reads. “Please be patient and know we are aware of these street conditions and will do our best to attend to them as soon as conditions improve and the weather warms up.”


Finally, the DPW is asking that residents alert them to road damage. They said to call 791-270-1670 to report potholes and for potholes on 3A/Cambridge Street to call 781-641-8300.


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