April 22 2020

DPW to Periodically Close Mill Pond Facility Parking Lot After Illegal Parking Resulted in Missed Delivery

By: Rich Hosford

The Department of Public Works Water Division said they are being forced to close the parking lot at the Mill Pond facility when expecting deliveries because people were parking where they shouldn’t despite cones. 


“With the closings of many parks and walking areas in surrounding communities, many people have been using the Mill Pond Reservoir to walk their dogs and/or walking,” the division said in a Facebook post. “The staff at the Mill Pond Water Treatment Facility has placed cones to prevent people from parking on the grass and/or blocking the chemical delivery area.”


On Wednesday a delivery was missed due to the area being blocked by vehicles, they explained.  


“Moving forward the parking lot at the Mill Pond Water Treatment Facility will be closed on scheduled delivery days, until the deliveries are complete,” the DPW says. 


The first days that the parking lot will be closed are Thursday, April 23 and Friday, April 24 until all deliveries are completed. If anyone has any questions they can call the DPW at (781) 270-1670.


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