September 26 2019

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to be Installed in Town Hall Parking Lot

By: Rich Hosford

The Town of Burlington has taken a step towards powering what might be the future of automobiles. 


The Board of Selectmen voted to approve the installation of two electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot behind Town Hall. The plan, presented by Department of Public Works Director John Sanchez, allows for two additional phases with two more stations each to be installed in the future if the need arises. 


“We will have the infrastructure for two spaces but will have capacity to expand if it becomes necessary,” Sanchez said, pointing to a map of where the charging stations will be located on the edge of the Town Hall parking lot between the building and the annex. The map highlights that a total of six charging stations could be placed in a group. 


Sanchez said the initial installation will be paid for with a grant from Eversource and the Facilities Department will maintain the stations. The power source for the charging stations will be the Town Hall Annex which has two power generators. 


The stations will be available to anyone with an electric vehicle, which in the future may include some of the town’s fleet of automobiles. Sanchez said these will be Level 2 charging stations, meaning they will operate at 240 volts and will fully charge most vehicles in two to three hours. 


Selectmen asked how the town can prevent someone from just parking at the stations and leaving for the day. Sanchez said most public systems require a person to enter credit or debit card information and the account is charged after a set amount of time. In this case, the town could offer three or four hours of free charging and then start to charge the person essentially a parking fee for time in the spot after that duration elapses. 


Members of the board said they liked the idea and were happy to see the town adopting emerging technologies. 


“I think it’s great we’re doing this,” Selectman Nick Priest said. “As we look to become more sustainable as a community it is a nice thing to put in the Town Hall parking lot.” 


“I think it’s a great program and commend you for starting the initiative on this,” Board Chairman Joe Morandi.


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