December 26 2019

eSpots Arena and Event Room Built at BHS



There is a new high tech gaming room at Burlington High School. 


The space, called AREA 123, features video gaming stations and large monitors mounted all the walls and will be used for both special events and eSports competitions. 


“AREA 123 is our new eSports Arena,” a blog post from the schools states. “Burlington Public Schools will host eSports competitions for local high school students. AREA 123 provides an incredible location for planning, practice, and competition. eSports online competitive gaming is rapidly growing as one of the largest industries in the country. Colleges across the country have opened eSports centers and developed programs that feature extensive scholarships for eSport athletes. Currently meeting as a school club, Burlington Red Devils Gaming will debut team competition soon.”


The space will also host for learning sessions and workshops that will be led by both Burlington educators and outside presenters. 


“AREA 123 will host events from local business partners,” the blog states. “These events will provide students and educators with opportunities to explore new products, devices, and applications. High school students in our Future Innovators Pathway program will be able to meet with business leaders and mentors. Students will also have the opportunity to present and collaborate with local industry experts.”


“AREA 123 will provide students and staff with events with an exciting new location for creative workshops,” the blog continues. “As part of the BPS Computer Science for All (CSforALL) program, AREA 123 will host maker events and Computer Science activities. Events will feature concepts in augmented/virtual reality, art, 3D design, and music.”


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