April 21 2020

Experiencing Symptoms: Here’s the Process to Get Tested

By: Rich Hosford

If anyone is feeling unwell and thinks they might have contracted Coronavirus/COVID-19 the advice from the Board of Health remains the same as it was from the beginning of this pandemic. 


We are still advising people to contact their health care provider first,” Burlington Health Director Susan Lumenello explained. 


According to the Massachusetts Department of Health, if a provider recommends that you should be tested, but their facility cannot offer the test, obtain a referral and contact one of the facilities on this list of area locations providing tests. While none of the locations are located in Burlington there are some in neighboring communities. You may need to undergo an additional eligibility screen before you can be tested. 


“If you have a clinician’s referral, contact one of the sites below to make an appointment,” the department explains. “These sites do not take walk-ins and require an appointment.”


Feeling unwell but not sure if what you have are symptoms of the Coronavirus or something else like allergies. The Burlington Board of Health has also provided information on the symptoms of COVID-19 and provided this link for a questionnaire you can fill out before contacting your doctor. 


If you do feel unwell and are waiting for a response from a healthcare provider stay inside and avoid contact with others until you can get a test done if your doctor deems it necessary. 



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