October 7 2019

Fall Yard Waste Collection Begins Next Monday


Get your yard ready for winter by getting rid of the late summer and fall debris. 


The Town of Burlington’s yard waste pickup starts next Monday, October 15 and will run through November 29. 


Yard waste pick up follows a Monday through Friday schedule and may not fall on the regular trash day, a notice from the town states. 


If you are unsure of your yard waste collection day, you can view this list of streets by day or this map


If missed, yard waste may not necessarily be recovered the next day. Report your missed yard waste pick up at 781-270-1670 and leave it out for collection no later than Friday of the same week. 


The requirements for yard waste state it must be tied and bundled. Tree branches cannot be larger than 4” in diameter. Bundles cannot be larger than 30” in diameter, and must be no larger than 3 feet in length. Barrels/Bags cannot be heavier than 50 pounds.


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