April 19 2019

Firefighters Use Tower Truck to Get Injured Worker Off Restaurant Roof

By: Rich Hosford



The Burlington Fire Department employed its tower truck on Friday morning to get an injured worker off the roof of a Burlington restaurant.


Captain Jim Sorenson said that at 9:33 a.m. they received a call of a worker with a back injury on the roof of L’Andana on Cambridge Street. When firefighters arrived, led by Lt. Jim Browne, they were told the man had pulled his back or had his back go out on him while working on the roof and was unable to use the ladder to get himself down.


“He pulled something or moved the wrong way and it sounded like he was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move on his own,” Captain Sorenson said.


After reviewing the scene Lt. Browne called for the ladder truck which soon arrived on scene.


With the help of police who cordoned off the area to give firefighters space to work they got the bucket of the tower up on the roof. The worker was able to crawl inside and they lowered him to a stretcher waiting in the parking lot below.


“The operation went smoothly,” Captain Sorenson said.


-Photo courtesy of the Burlington Fire Department-


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