December 23 2019

Follow Santa’s Journey Around the World with NORAD


Santa is making his gift-giving trek around the world Tuesday night and children and their parents can follow his progress to Burlington by visiting the NORAD Santa Tracker.   


The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) monitors the air around the world, around the clock, checking for unusual happenings in the skies. So, of course, NORAD simply can’t ignore a flying sleigh powered by nine reindeer.


Santa is at the North Pole right now, where he lives with Mrs. Claus and the elves who make toys and take care of the reindeer year round. Each year on December 24th, Santa and his reindeer launch from the North Pole very early in the morning for their famous trip around the world. The minute they launch, NORAD starts to track him! Visit the website on December 24th and you can track Santa along with NORAD!


NORAD tracks Santa, but only Santa knows his route, which means we cannot predict where and when he will arrive at your house. We do, however, know from history that it appears he arrives only when children are asleep! In most countries, it seems Santa arrives between 9:00 p.m. and midnight on December 24th. If children are still awake when Santa arrives, he moves on to other houses. He returns later…but only when the children are asleep!


Several high tech systems are used to track Santa, such as: radar, satellites, Santa Cams, and fighter jets.


NORAD Tracks Santa is an annual Christmas program, which has existed since 1955, produced under the auspices of NORAD. Every year on Christmas Eve, NORAD Tracks Santa Claus as he leaves the North Pole and delivers presents to children around the world.


While children wait to see where Santa is they can also play games, watch videos, listen to music and visit Santa’s Village on the NORAD website. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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