April 8 2019

Following Ballot Question Passage Treasurer/Tax Collector Looking to Stay in Job

By: Rich Hosford


Burlington’s longtime Treasurer/Tax Collector, who was re-elected on the same day voters passed a ballot question changing how that position will be filled, says he is not looking to leave anytime soon.


Brian Curtin, who was first elected as tax collector in 1976 and in 1977 also became treasurer when the town combined those positions, told BNEWS in an interview on Monday that he is willing to stay on for as long as members of the Board of Selectmen feel they need him.


I will serve in this position as long as the selectmen have faith in me,” he said, adding that he believes the members of the board currently do have confidence in the job he’s done for the town.


The reason this is being asked is that on Saturday, April 6, Burlington voters approved a ballot question that changed the Treasurer/Tax Collector position from an elected one to an appointed position with a vote of 1,571 to 1,040.


According to Town Clerk Amy Warfield, under state law after such a vote is made the Board of Selectmen has up to three years to make a 3-year appointment (Warfield had in a previous interview said the board had two years to make an appointment but clarified on Monday that was a mistake).  


Curtin had announced his retirement last year by saying he would not run for re-election this year which was the trigger for the push for the ballot question. However, when then Town Administrator John Petrin said he was also retiring this year and it seemed clear that then Town Accountant Paul Sagarino would seek that position, Curtin said he decided to reverse course so as to not have too sudden a change in the town’s financial team and leadership.


He said that after deciding to run for re-election again he also decided to stay on for as long as he could.


“I wasn’t going anywhere anyway,” he said. “I love my job and I feel very passionate about it.”


He added that he will at least stay on through the transition of whoever is appointed, whenever that might be.


“I want to mentor anybody they choose and I can and work with the administration on the process,” he said, adding that one piece of advice he has is that the town should increase the salary to attract the best candidates.


When the question was posed to members of the Board of Selectmen after Monday night’s meeting about when they might consider starting the appointment process, member Bob Hogan said they will be discussing that at the next meeting.


“We’re going to wait for Amy [Warfield] and our legal counsel to find out procedurally what we need to do,” he said.


When asked if they had confidence in Curtin’s job performance Board Chairman Joe Morandi simply replied with one word.


“Absolutely,” he said.


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