May 7 2018

Francis Wyman House Open House




Learn some local history and take a tour of one of Burlington’s most significant historical buildings.


The Francis Wyman Association is hosting an open house of the Francis Wyman House on May 12 from noon to 3 p.m. Guests will be able to see the home, the earliest part of which was built in 1666 with a major addition taking place in 1730, and to hear about Hezekiah Wyman and his 1775 Patriot’s Day ride.


The Francis Wyman House is located at 56 Francis Wyman Road.


“The Wyman Homestead is one of the most historically-significant landmarks in eastern Massachusetts, and is notable for a wide range of associations and connections,” the Francis Wyman Association’s website says. “Historically, the house is important as an early Colonial landmark which sheds light upon English settlement patterns and domestic lifestyles. Architecturally, the homestead is significant as an 18th century structure, and as the home of one of Burlington and Woburn’s earliest settlers.”


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