May 9 2019

Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Heats Up Coal-Fired Oven


The coal-fired oven at an incoming pizzeria has been fired up.


Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria, which is opening on June 1 in the former Pizzeria Uno’s location in the Burlington Mall, shared pictures of the oven being turned on for the first time. But why do so with still weeks before opening? It’s quite a process to get the coal-fired oven ready for making the pizzeria’s award-winning pies.


“The coal-fired oven is a critical element in the build out of every Pepe’s restaurant,” a release from the restaurant explains. “It actually takes about 10 weeks to build and is modeled after a blueprint of the original oven in New Haven Pepe’s location, which back in 1925.”


Once the oven is assembled it also take a long time to get to the right temperature.  


“You can’t just fire it up with coal, as it’s a slow and steady three to four week process of getting it to the right temperature to ensure the pizzas have the proper crunch, char, and chew,” the release states. “The oven needs to heat up for several weeks before pizza can be cooked and served from it. The oven lighting is essential to ensuring the consistent and quality Frank Pepe experience.”


The 98-seat full service restaurant will be Frank Pepe’s second Massachusetts location, the other being in Chestnut Hill.


Photo, from left: General Manager Chris Ruccio and Co-Owner and Frank Pepe's grandson Gary Bimonte


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