September 24 2019

Full Watering Ban to Start at Month's End

By: Rich Hosford

Burlington will be under another full watering ban starting on September 30 to allow the Department of Public Works to do some necessary maintenance. 

The Board of Selectmen voted to approve the watering ban with a 4-0-0 vote with Selectman Mike Runyan absent from the meeting. 

The vote was taken at the recommendation of DPW Director John Sanchez who said his department needs to do some maintenance and cleaning of the Mill Pond Reservoir Treatment Plant. While that work is underway, the town must make an emergency connection through Lexington to the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) to maintain capacity. Under state law, a town must implement a full outdoor watering ban before requesting an emergency connection. 

Sanchez acknowledged that watering bans spur complaints among some residents but said he was glad the town was able to hold out until later in the season. 

“This is generally an unpopular thing for the board to do but we are grateful to make it to this time of year when many residents are cutting back on their watering,” he said. 


One big factor in the town being able to wait until late September/early October before cleaning the Mill Pond plant is because many residents and businesses adhered to the even/odd watering plan implemented by the town. 


“I’d like to thank all the residents and businesses who complied with the ongoing even/odd watering,” he said. “We’ve seen a lot less water used than we have in the past.” 


The Outdoor Watering Ban prohibits:


- Irrigation of lawns via sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems


- Washing of exterior building surfaces, parking lots, driveways or sidewalks, except as necessary to apply surface treatments such as paint, preservatives, stucco, pavement or cement.

The penalty for violating the ban includes a warning for the first violation. A second violation carries a fine of $50 and each subsequent violation carries a fine of $100. These fines are non-criminal dispositions.



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