August 23 2017

Hair Wash/Style and Manicure Business 'Mane & Mani' to Open in The District

By: Rich Hosford

Heading to a big meeting and need a place to stop for a quick styling or just like to let professionals handle your hair and nails?

A new business moving into Burlington may be what you’re looking for.

Last week the Planning Board approved a special permit for Style Savants LLC to open a Mane & Mani in The District.

The hair washing/styling and manicure business will be located in a 1,600 square foot section of the building that also hosts Pressed Cafe. This will be the fourth Mane & Mani location with existing spots already in Wessely, Lynnfield and Peabody.

Attorney Mark Vaughan of Riemer & Braunstein who was representing the business said Mane & Mani offers a unique customer experience.

“They call themselves a ‘style bar’ though no alcohol is involved,” he said. “They are not a tradition hair salon - they provide no cutting or coloring. Their principal business is washing and styling hair and they do some nails, etc.”

Owner Saverio Fulciniti said he was excited to locate in Burlington, a town he has eyed since starting the business.  

“Burlington was supposed to be our first location but we couldn’t find the right spot,” he said. “So we’re excited to have worked out something with National Development and they’ve been a great partner for us and we’re excited to be here.”

He said in the others town where Mane & Mani is located the business has made good connections both with customers and with the community.

“We’re considered a fun spot and clients come in frequently because we do their styling,” Fulciniti said. “We also like to have a positive impact on the community. We like to get involved and we’re hoping we can be of great assistance to this community and have a great impact.”

Members of the Planning Board were happy with the information provided. There were a couple of questions about whether the Board of Health had approved the application due to the business being in an aquifer. Vaughan explained that they had been briefed but that the business did not need a formal hearing. He added that businesses of this kind are regulated at the state level as far as contamination.

Fulciniti said the business has its own sanitation standards that are more stringent than even the state standards.

“That’s a policy of our brand,” he said.

The Planning Board approved the special permit with a vote of 6-0-0.

Fulciniti said they hope to be open by the holiday season.


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