December 30 2020

High Tech Manufacturing Company Looking to Move to Burlington

By: Rich Hosford

A high tech materials and manufacturing company is looking to move from Boston to Burlington. 


In a cover letter for a special permit application to the Burlington Planning Department, attorney Robert Buckley of Riemer & Braunstein explained that Poly6 Technologies, Inc. is looking to relocate to the building at 164 Middlesex Turnpike that is part of the Northwest Park Planned Development District.


“It is the intent of Poly6 Technologies, Inc. to relocate its existing Boston facilities to a portion of Premises in Northwest Park to accommodate its current and future operations,” Buckley wrote. 


According to its website, Poly6 is an advanced materials and manufacturing company that came out of MIT's Langer Lab in 2016. 


“Through materials innovation, Poly6 enables businesses to advance function, efficiency and quality in scaled manufacturing processes within biotechnology, aerospace, electronics and other industries,” its website states. “Our team has developed several stimuli-responsive materials systems that are revolutionizing the way hardware, software and materials are integrated into established production processes.”


The company specializes in the global aviation industry, additive manufacturing (3D Printing) and Industry 4.0 (automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes), its website claims. 


The special permit application is scheduled to be heard by the Planning Board on Thursday, January 16. 


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