April 23 2020

How to Vote Early Remotely in the Burlington Town Election


How to vote safely during a pandemic is something many municipalities are thinking about with many towns and cities having upcoming elections. 

As reported on BNEWS, the Burlington Board of Selectmen voted, on the basis of the State of Emergency announced by Governor Baker in March, to postpone the Town Election to June 6. 

However, it is unclear as of now how fully the state will be over, if at all, the COVID-19 pandemic. Town Clerk Amy Warfield, therefore, is working to inform people how they can vote remotely. This year the town is offering not only Absentee Voting but also Early Voting ballots. 

All candidates remain on the ballot as printed per the legislation signed by the Governor on March 23rd, Warfield wrote. Early Voting Ballots are available now for any registered voter. Sample ballots are available on the town website. Due to the State of Emergency, any voter may request a ballot in advance known as Early Voting by Mail. 

Warfield said in a release that anyone who wants to request an Early Voting Ballot can do so on the town website and download the application. The application can be mailed to the Clerk’s office at 29 Center St, Burlington, MA 01803; dropped off in the mailbox on Town Hall steps or emailed to clerk@burlington.org (if emailing it must be a hand written signature).

If you do not have a computer or printer available  you can hand write a note with your printed name, address and hand written signature (all 3), to the Clerk’s address, at 29 Center St, Burlington, MA 01803; requesting a ballot (if emailing it must be a hand written signature).

Finally, if you have already received an Absentee Ballot, you should vote that ballot and return it to the Clerk’s office in the envelopes provided. That ballot will be counted on June 6 or you can show up and vote in person.

“Regardless of whether you want to take advantage of early voting, vote absentee or vote on Election Day, the first step is making sure you are registered,” Warfield said. 


To check to see if you are registered to vote, and to find information on how to register to vote, you may visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website. If you need to register to vote, you may go online here. You need to have a valid driver’s license or an I.D. issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to apply online. To be eligible to vote in the June 6 Town Election you must register to vote by May 27.

Finally, along with the Town Election the selectmen also voted to postpone the annual May Town Meeting until June 10. The warrant will be available to all Town Meeting members on May 27, 14 days prior to the first Town Meeting date of June 10.  It will also be online at that time at Burlington.org.


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