March 5 2020

It is Time to 'Spring Forward' This Weekend

By: Rich Hosford

In another sign that spring is just around the corner it is time to change the clocks this weekend. 


On Sunday, March 8 we “spring forward” and move the clocks ahead one hour. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, the clocks on smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices will do this automatically. Home clocks, including those on ovens and microwaves, will have to be adjusted manually. 


Technically the time changes happens at 2 a.m. but, unless you are a real stickler for the rules, changing them the night before going to bed will help you be less confused at the time when you wake up. 


Springing forward does mean we will lose an hour of sleep but on the plus side it will stay light later into the day. 


Finally, while you are adjusting your clocks, the Burlington Fire Department reminds you to also check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monixide detectors.


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