March 21 2017

Justice Reform Advocacy Group Names Middlesex Sheriff Koutoujian 'Champion of Justice Reform'


Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian has been honored by a national prison reform advocacy group for his work in improving medical treatment for prisoners suffering from addiction.


The Coalition for Public Safety named Koutoujian its  “Champion of Justice Reform” for the month of February.


“Sheriff Koutoujian is just the second ‘Champion of Justice Reform’ selected by the Coalition for Public Safety, a leading national, non-partisan organization dedicated to making the criminal justice system smarter, fairer, and more cost-effective,” a release states.  


He follows Republican Georgia Governor Nathan Deal who was the first to be recognized as part of the year-long effort profiling “leaders from across the political spectrum who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and perseverance in pushing for smart on crime policies that are cost-effective, responsive, and focused on public safety without coming at the expense of rehabilitation.”


According to the release, Sheriff Koutoujian was recognized for his innovative efforts to utilize medication assisted treatment as a way to address the opioid crisis and health insurance as a re-entry tool for those leaving custody, as well as the establishment of Massachusetts’ first housing unit for military Veterans.


“Law enforcement leaders like Peter Koutoujian are on the front lines of our justice system.  Sheriff Koutoujian has worked to develop an innovative approach to corrections and rehabilitation in Massachusetts,” said Coalition for Public Safety President Steven W. Hawkins.  “His efforts are a prime example of what local leaders can accomplish when they commit to smart justice policies that prioritize rehabilitation and recognize reducing crime is tied to providing people with opportunities to better their lives.  The Coalition for Public Safety is proud to feature Sheriff Koutoujian as our second Champion of Justice Reform.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Sheriff in the future.”


Koutoujian said he appreciated the recognition of his and his team’s works.


“I am deeply honored to be recognized as a “Champion of Justice Reform” by the Coalition for Public Safety,” said Sheriff Koutoujian.  “Our staff and our initiatives are proving smart justice policies can have positive impacts on the lives of those placed with us by the courts, and that better outcomes are possible when we focus our efforts on rehabilitation.”


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