July 10 2019

Lahey Hospital Verified as a Level 1 Trauma Center


Burlington’s Lahey Hospital, now under the combined Beth Israel Lahey Health, has been designated as providing the highest level of trauma care. 


“This week we are celebrating a historic achievement for our organization,” President David L. Longworth, MD said in a letter. “We are extraordinarily proud to have been verified as a Level 1 Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons, making us the only such center north of Boston.”


Dr. Longworth said this verification reflects the hospital’s unique ability to provide exceptional care to the patients who need them most. He added that it reflects the hard work and collaboration of colleagues across Lahey who come together in a moment’s notice to treat patients with serious injuries and complex medical needs.


The hospital was previously verified as a Level 2 Trauma Center. To achieve Level I verification, they needed to increase their contributions to trauma-related research and ensure a general surgeon would constantly be available within 15 minutes of the arrival of the most critically injured or ill patients. 


“Our verification as a Level 1 Trauma Center illustrates our commitment to excellence for ourselves and our community,” Dr. Longworth said. “We will be up for reverification next year. I have every confidence we will achieve this well-deserved honor. I would like to offer special thanks and congratulations to the dedicated team of caregivers who worked tirelessly to achieve this verification, and those who support them throughout the organization. Congratulations, again, and well done!”



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