November 13 2014

Learn to Make Leftovers Exciting

By: Rich Hosford

Everyone knows the scenario – you open the refrigerator door and see plastic or Styrofoam containers full of half-eaten meals. The decision now is whether you really want to eat re-warmed leftovers, a prospect that can be uninspiring. 


The Burlington Public Library is looking to help. They are hosting a cooking event with Chef Liz Barbour, owner of “The Creative Feast,” a New Hampshire based business specializing in cooking demonstrations and catering. The title of the program is “Feasting on Leftovers” and will help participants learn how to make tasty, interesting new meals with leftover food. 


“We all struggle with leftovers,” a description of the program says. “A freshly made dinner entices us with rich aromas, bright colors, and delicious flavors. Taking out the leftovers the next day may not be so enticing, but what if you could take those leftovers, add in a few pantry items and transform them into an amazing dish? With a few hints and lots of creative ideas Chef Liz Barbour will give you the tools to use your leftovers to stretch your food dollars and your culinary imagination. Soon you will be creating healthy and delicious meals the second time around.” 


The demonstration will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 20 at the library. The program is free and pre-registration is not required. 

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