March 8 2017

Letter: Candidacy Announcement from Virginia Mooney

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 


Dear Friends,


Being involved in the community is something that comes natural to me, something I have done for half of my life, first with my children and their activities and then with the Town. It all started with Town Meeting in 1972.


This year is no different than other years, I am inspired to run to help address some of the important issues facing the Town. For many years I have challenged and voiced my concerns about the Town finances, the environment, Health insurance, calling a two year moratorium on building and also the liquor licenses, the zoning by-laws. These and many other issues have been and still concern me. Balancing the budget and no new taxes is a priority.


Over the past few years we have seen some good restaurants pack up and leave Burlington. Why? Not enough business? Cost too much to renew a lease? TOO MUCH COMPETITION? This is going to continue to happen as towns around us are doing the same thing. Towns like Bedford, Billerica, the city of Woburn are not sitting on their hands they are actively pursuing the same thing as our selectmen.


While the Selectmen continue to embrace Tunnel-Vision and can not turn their eyes to the left or right we will not see any changes made in the near future. This kind of thinking is not healthy for any community. The Town has changed its mindset and some believe that the restaurants and liquor licenses and food taxes are the lifeline for Burlington. I want to see this change, this is a temporary solution. I do not believe this is the direction the Town should or wants to go. Our former Governor Patrick told us a few years ago and what I have been saying for a number of ears that we are saturated with Services. He then turned his eyes in the direction of bringing more manufacturing and commercial industries to the cities and town.


There are many challenges facing Burlington today, a new Fire Station, a new home for the D.P.W., traffic, protecting our water to name a few, but in the long term we must change our way of thinking opening the door to the future and diversify, this is the key to a healthy community economically and socially. We have jumped into a box developed by the officials and developers where only businesses and PDD’s have been and will be allowed.


Where do we go in the future? We know we can’t live on beer and wine forever. I believe the answer for Burlington is to welcome industry into the community and bring in good paying jobs. The Town has not grown much in population in the past 37 years, in face the population back in 1977 was around 24,000 and has not gained much since then. Many good families left Burlington through the late sixties and seventies because the industries we did have moved away.


I hope i the future we will be able to bring not what we have lost in the past, but new and diverse companies to help us grow in a new direction.


Virginia E. Mooney

Candidate for Selectmen


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